Why a High-Efficiency Furnace Needs a Concrete Floor Drain

The differences between gas furnaces manufactured today and furnaces manufactured 15, 20, and 30 years ago is nothing less than remarkable. High-efficiency furnaces are an integral part of the modern HVAC system, and they help drive better comfort, cleaner indoor air quality, improved heating safety, and substantially higher AFUE ratings. However, to reap the benefits of better safety and efficiency, you may need to install a concrete floor drain to accommodate a two-pipe vent and draining system. Read More »

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Do You Know If an HVAC Compressor Replacement Is Needed?

Hearing the news that your air conditioner compressor is on the blink and it’s time for a new one isn’t anything anyone wants to hear. Do you suspect your compressor might be on the edge? If so, it could be time to call your consultant for a recommendation. Here are some signs that you might need an HVAC compressor replacement. Read More »

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Do You Always Need to Be Running Your Furnace Blower Fan?

Homeowners come up with all sorts of questions to ask that will allow them to control their home’s energy costs yet remain as comfortable as possible throughout the day and night. One such inquiry that comes up quite often is whether or not the furnace blower fan should be running continuously. Let’s briefly discuss how this device works and the benefits you’ll receive from running it day in and day out. Read More »

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Are You Up to Date on the Newest HVAC Terminology?

Homeowners don’t need to know everything about their HVAC system to use it properly, but it doesn’t hurt to stay up to date on common HVAC terminology. There are dozens of terms that you could learn, but we’ve picked out some of the most important. Read More »

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These Attic Fan Benefits Will Serve You Well This Summer

Considering how long and hot Florida summers are, you may want to look for ways to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient. Attic fans are one of the available solutions. Let’s dive deeper into attic fan benefits. Read More »

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Which Brands of Patio ACs Will Serve You Best This Summer?

If you’re hoping to hang around outside without being overwhelmed by summer temperatures, then the use of a patio AC is a great solution. There are many different types on the market, so let’s look at the best brands and an example of each. Read More »

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Know All You Can About the Most Energy Efficient Windows

Your windows can be either a drain on your home’s energy usage or help with savings. With the right windows and a little planning, you can make sure it’s the latter. Here’s a breakdown of what makes the most energy efficient windows for your home. Read More »

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What Can a New AC Compressor Do for Your HVAC System?

Your AC isn’t working. The compressor is shot. Getting a whole new system will be expensive, but what if you get just a new AC compressor instead? Can that be done? Is it worthwhile? It depends on several factors. Read More »

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How to Clean AC Condenser Coils: Have the Pros on the Scene

Over time, your AC condenser coils get dirty. From leaves and debris to exhaust from passing cars, the grime they collect makes it difficult for your system to run efficiently. That’s why it’s important to have your coils cleaned periodically. How do you do it, though? If you want to know how to clean AC condenser coils, the best way is to call a professional. Read on to learn why. Read More »

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How to Know If You Have a Healthy Humidity Level at Home

You know that the level of humidity in your home has a lot to do with how comfortable you are, and in our climate, high humidity is the norm. An air conditioner will struggle to reach a comfortable setting in Florida, as it also must struggle to remove moisture from the air. So what is a healthy humidity level and how do you attain it?

Read on for some pointers about achieving lower humidity even in our warm, moisture-laden climate. Read More »

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