The Basics to the SEER Rating

SEER ratingShopping for a new HVAC system can seem overwhelming, but one way you can get a good handle on the kind of air conditioner, furnace or heat pump you’re buying is the efficiency rating. So what is the SEER rating? Read More »

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Make Smart Home Choices: HVAC Options for Old Houses

hvac options for old housesOld houses have considerable appeal for some homeowners. Maybe the price is right and you’re looking for a fixer upper, or else you’ve just fallen in love with the charm of a vintage home. Whatever the inspiration for your old home investment, you’ll need a reliable, efficient HVAC system to stay comfortable in Florida weather year-round. Here are some of the HVAC options for old houses. Read More »

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Your Guide to Solving Common HVAC Fan Problems

HVAC fan problemsIf you’ve got HVAC fan problems, you probably already know the signs. No matter how effectively your central air conditioner functions, all that cool comfort goes nowhere if the system blower fan’s not operating up to specs. Household comfort declines, indoor air quality suffers and other system components may be subjected to excess wear and tear. Read More »

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When Should You Replace Your Insulation?

replacing insulationReplacing home insulation is sometimes necessary in certain situations. In other cases, it may be simply a worthy option in order to upgrade home energy efficiency and support consistent comfort. Insulating material typically doesn’t deteriorate or “wear out” unless it is damaged or otherwise compromised.  However, under very specific circumstances, replacing insulation may be the best course of action. Read More »

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4 Signs Your HVAC System’s Refrigerant is Low

low refrigerantThe sweltering summer months are upon us and the last thing anyone wants is an air conditioning unit that isn’t functioning properly. In many cases, your A/C may have low refrigerant. While there are several signs of low refrigerant, if you are experiencing A/C issues, it’s always best to call a professional for servicing. Read More »

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Does Your HVAC System Improve Your IAQ?

indoor air qualityThe American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology estimates that 50 percent of all illnesses are a direct result of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Considering we, as a society, spend the vast majority of our time inside, this poses a major medical issue especially for those with sensitive respiratory or immune systems. Your HVAC system plays a crucial role in maintaining your IAQ, and thus, keeping you and your family healthy. Read More »

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Adjust to Optimal Thermostat Temperatures for Energy Savings

energy savingsDuring South Florida’s long cooling season, homeowners want to save every dollar they can on their utility bills. The efficiency of modern HVAC systems has been improved to the degree where great savings are possible when combined with an energy-saving regimen in the home. Read More »

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Importance of HVAC for Luxury Living

Importance of HVAC for Luxury LivingAs the summer months take hold and the weather continues to warm up, millions of households across the country will do whatever it takes to keep their homes cool and comfortable. For those living in luxurious homes, there are specific dangers if the temperature inside is permitted to rise. Read More »

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How to Fix Cold Spots in Summer

How to Fix Cold Spots in Summer	With the summer months upon us, households across the United States will be cranking up their air conditioners to stay cool. In many households, this is going to cause cold spots to appear. But don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of simple tips for fixing cold spots that will eliminate these problem areas. Read More »

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Your Guide to Understanding HVAC Ductwork

Your Guide to Understanding HVAC DuctworkThe ductwork provides the pathway for warmed or cooled air throughout your home. So what exactly makes up your home’s circulatory system?

Know these HVAC ductwork basics. Read More »

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