Install a House Humidifier and Say Goodbye to Dry Winter Air

While summer rarely presents problems with low humidity, whole house humidifiers can be a help when winter brings changes. Seasonal low humidity indoors may occur because cooler outdoor air naturally contains less water vapor. At the same time, home heating systems—particularly gas furnaces—can dry out household air even further. 

Air quality issues related to dry indoor conditions include:

  • Dry itchy skin.
  • Irritated nasal passages and sinuses.
  • Minor coughing.
  • Increased incidence of colds and flu (dry air supports viral transmission.)
  • Asthma and other respiratory allergic reactions.

Your house itself is also affected by winter dryness. Hardwood flooring may be subject to shrinkage and splintering. Paint and plaster are more likely to flake and peel.

The Whole House Approach

While individual room humidifiers can help correct dry conditions inside limited, enclosed spaces, they require daily upkeep including keeping the water reservoir filled.

Whole house humidifiers, on the other hand, install directly in your HVAC ductwork and add humidity to the airflow circulating through your entire home. A whole house unit connected to a household water line does not require daily attention and activates automatically, controlled by a digital humidistat. Occupants of the home simply enter a desired relative humidity—much like programming temperatures on a home thermostat—and the humidifier does the rest, maintaining that level continuously.

Whole house units utilize one of two methods for adding water vapor to the air.

  • A flow-through humidifier channels system airflow through a pad that is continuously moistened with water from a home connection.
  • Reservoir units incorporate an absorbent wheel that continuously rotates through a water-filled tank, picking up water and exposing it to system airflow.

For more information about the benefits of whole house humidifiers in dry winter conditions, contact the air quality experts at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.

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