What Are the Signs That Your Home’s Air Quality Isn’t What It Could Be?

Indoor air pollutants pose a serious risk to your long-term health. Most of these are unseen, which makes it challenging for you to know how good or bad your indoor air quality (IAQ) is. Keep reading to find out about the ways to measure air quality.

Signs You Have Air Quality Issues

How can you tell that you have bad IAQ? Watch out for these warning signs:

    • Allergic episodes. If allergy symptoms flare up when you walk into your home or a particular room and then disappear shortly after you leave, chances are you have poor indoor air quality.
    • Respiratory conditions. Bad indoor air can make you experience respiratory diseases frequently.
    • Unpleasant smells. Stubborn odors could be caused by several factors that degrade IAQ, such as the decomposition of debris, mold growth, pest infestation, and chemicals.
    • High humidity. Humidity is a big issue in Florida, especially in the summer months. Humid indoor air allows allergens like dust mites and mold to thrive.
    • Excess dust. Excess dust buildup on surfaces and around your vents points to air quality problems.
    • Hot or cold spots. Poor airflow affects the overall air quality, as well as the temperature in different areas of your home.

Measuring Air Quality

If you suspect you have poor IAQ, you can carry out certain tests to identify the specific contaminants that have infiltrated your house, potentially harming your health. Here are some of the available options:

    • Use an IAQ monitor. This inexpensive device monitors the levels of air pollution in your home. Levels of humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter are some of the measurements that air quality monitors can provide.
    • Install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. CO detectors sound an alarm after detecting a particular amount of the deadly CO gas in your air.
    • Seek professional help. An expert can run tests and identify the severity of your home’s air quality issues.

Once you’ve identified your air quality problems, you can take several measures to fix them, such as scheduling HVAC service and investing in an air purifier and whole-house dehumidifier. For more information on ways to measure air quality, contact NisAir Air Conditioning. We offer high-quality indoor air quality products that help homeowners in Martin, Palm Beach, and Indian River counties breathe cleaner, fresher air.

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