Your House’s Building Materials Matter to Your HVAC System

When cooler weather arrives in the Indian River County area, you’ll want to make sure your home stays comfortable and warm. However, you probably don’t want your energy bills to skyrocket while using your heating system. Knowing how your house’s materials affect your HVAC system can help you heat your home more efficiently when it’s cold out. Read More »

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What Role Can In-Home Appliances Play for Your HVAC System?

Your HVAC system can do a lot more than cool or heat the air. When it’s running properly and has the right maintenance, it can help regulate the relative humidity — a must for staying comfortable — and with the right filtration, it can improve indoor air quality. Sometimes, however, your hardworking HVAC system may need a little help from some in-home appliances to do these extra jobs. If you have certain issues in your home involving balancing humidity or improving IAQ, you might want to look into one or more in-home appliances, such as the following examples. Read More »

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HVAC Maintenance Tips You Should Always Keep Handy

Heavy usage on its own doesn’t doom your HVAC system. However, if you keep relying on your system to keep your home comfortable in our temperamental Florida climate without giving it a little extra TLC, then it’s only a matter of time before the system becomes severely fatigued. The good news is you can do the easy HVAC maintenance tasks that are listed below to keep your home-comfort system in tiptop shape. Read More »

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Learn the Best Ways to Heat and Cool Historical Architecture

Whether you are buying an historic home or you are refurbishing your current historical architecture, there are many elements for you and your HVAC company to consider. With proper planning, however, it doesn’t have to be a major dilemma. Read More »

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Learn the Pros and Cons of Having an HVAC Zoning System

HVAC zoning is a viable option to make indoor comfort more suited to the varied living spaces in your home. A typical single-zone system operated by one thermostat provides the same volume of cooled or heated air at the same temperature to all rooms in a house while the system’s running. Often, however, every room doesn’t need conditioned air — and not all rooms want the same temperature. That’s where HVAC zoning provides more alternatives. Read More »

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Know When HVAC Repairs in Your Home Need a Professional

In the age of Google and YouTube, more people are trying the DIY method for a number of home repairs. DIY may be fine for some home improvement jobs, but not for HVAC concerns. Read down the following list of reasons why HVAC repairs are best left to your HVAC professional. Read More »

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What Are the Best Thermostats Currently Available?

Without your home’s thermostat, your HVAC system wouldn’t know where to begin to keep you comfortable. Also, using the best thermostat has its perks, including better energy efficiency and comfort according to your lifestyle. Are you using the best thermostat for your needs? Read on to find out! Read More »

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The Environmentally Friendly HVAC Accessories Available

It seems like everything is becoming environmentally friendly these days, from Energy Star-qualified dishwashers to fuel-efficient automobiles. How is your HVAC system’s energy bill faring? If your pocketbook could use a break, check out some of these environmentally friendly HVAC accessories and upgrades. Read More »

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Here’s What to Look for When Shopping for a New Furnace

Hot weather will still be around for a while, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about heating your home this winter. If you need to replace your heating system, this is a good time for furnace shopping. While you’re deciding on a new furnace for your home, keep the following details in mind. Read More »

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What Happens to the UV Rays That Come Into Your Home?

Did you know that ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect you even while you’re in the house? They can also damage the things in your home. Some UV rays can even pass through your windows.

While your windows generally block most UVB rays (the type of UV radiation that causes sunburns), UVA rays (the kind that causes skin aging) get indoors with relative ease. Read More »

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