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Make Sure That High Energy Bills Don’t Keep You Down This Summer

There’s just something about summer that feels more free, more fun. Don’t let high energy bills stifle that feeling. Follow these simple tips to conserve energy usage while keeping your

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Need to Know if Your Home is Energy Efficient? Get an Energy Audit

As the summer heats up in South Florida, many people feel there’s an impossible choice to make between blowing their budget on rising air conditioning costs or suffering in the

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Whether Cooling or Heating, Heat Pumps Are a Great Choice for the Treasure Coast

One of the simplest, most efficient ways Treasure Coast homeowners can heat and cool their homes is with heat pumps. Because winters here are mild, a heat pump does a

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If Your Air Ducts Are Leaking, You’re Paying The Price

Air ducts in most homes leak at some level. In fact, the federal Energy Star program estimates that in the average home as much as 20 percent of the conditioned air moving

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Standby Power: The Silent Drain On Your Energy Budget

You might think you’re doing everything necessary to lower your energy bills this summer. You keep the sun out, run heat-generating appliances only in the evening, turn off lights when

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