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Exposure to Carbon Monoxide is Dangerous – Learn How to Stay Safe

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous, stealthy gas. Because it lacks an odor, it can sneak up on people and cause rapid sickness and death. You can guard against exposure to

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A Programmable Thermostat Might Help Lower Your Utility Bill

While the most recognized benefit of a programmable thermostat is convenience, saving on energy costs is also a major benefit, as long as you use the thermostat correctly. A programmable

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Your Overworked Air Conditioner: It Could Use a Helping Hand

The South Florida cooling season is long and hot, and the constant operation of your air conditioner can take a toll on your system. You can help your overworked air conditioner

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When Sizing Ducts, Your Technician Should Use Manual D

You should be concerned about sizing ducts in your home when installing a new HVAC system. Ducts deliver the air that’s conditioned by your A/C, heat pump or furnace, so

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