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Haven’t Winterized Your Palm Beach Home Yet? Here’s a Quick Checklist

The cooler weather of winter has arrived in Florida. If you’ve not taken the time to winterize your home yet, now is the time. It will save you money and

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Is Your Home an Energy Guzzler? Perform an Energy Audit to Know for Sure

If you suspect that your winter and summer energy bills were too high but aren’t sure why, an energy audit may help you uncover inefficiencies in your home or energy-wasting habits.

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Get Clean A/C Coils for a Better Functioning System

Regular maintenance is vital to keep a home’s cooling system functioning properly and efficiently, and keeping the A/C coils clean is an essential part of annual preventative care. A central

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Shopping for an HVAC System? Think Over the Benefits of a Solar HVAC System

If you have been shopping for an HVAC system, you may have simply assumed that you need a traditional furnace and air conditioner. But solar-powered cooling and heating systems have become increasingly

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Before the Season Ends Weatherize Your Home Now!

Home weatherization is important to people all across the country, not just residents of Northern states. People living in Martin County, Palm Beach County and Indian River County can reduce their

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Have an HVAC Emergency? A Service Maintenance Plan Keeps Pros on the Ready

Because modern HVAC systems are better than ever, need less service, and last longer than they ever did, you may never have considered getting a service maintenance plan. You may

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Suspect a Programmable Thermostat Malfunction? Here’s What to Check

Programmable thermostats are an effective way to control cooling and heating in your Florida home. They allow homeowners to schedule energy-saving temperature changes to fit their daily and weekly schedules,

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Why and When You Should Consider an HVAC Retrofit for Your Home

If your home has been around for a little while, it may be time for an HVAC retrofit.  An HVAC retrofit is the process of updating and modifying older parts

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How to Know Whether to Replace or Just Repair Your HVAC System

If you’re on the fence about whether to repair or replace your HVAC system, there are some key indicators that can signal it’s time. Investing in new, Energy Star-rated equipment

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New HVAC System Design: Insist on Right Sizing

The most important aspect of replacing an HVAC system depends on sizing it right, which is why this should be the first step in the process. Any contractor installing a

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