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Keeping Thermal Heat Gain From Getting the Upper Hand in Your St. Lucie County Home

Any steps you take to reduce thermal heat gain in your home will help you reduce the amount of energy your air conditioner requires to keep your home comfortable. Most homeowners

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R-22 Refrigerant Supplies Are Drying up–Have You Been Giving an A/C Replacement Some Thought?

The steadily declining R-22 refrigerant supplies are putting upward pressure on the prices for this essential component of air conditioning. This means that if you need to top your system

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Indoor Air Quality Can Decline in the Spring — 7 Ways to Combat It

Indoor air quality can really decline in the spring if you’re not careful, especially in our temperamental Florida climate. Here are seven ways you can improve the quality of air

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By Keeping Up With A/C Maintenance, You Can Ensure Your Florida Home Stays Cool

Regular A/C maintenance is one of the most important tasks South Florida homeowners can do to keep their air conditioners working well and lasting through the end of their expected

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Why Whole-House Humidifiers Are Critical During The Winter Season

Even in sunny Florida, it gets cool enough in the winter that the spread of illness, such as the flu and colds, increases. There are a few reasons why winter

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Insulating The Crawl Space Under Your Florida Home

You probably don’t often venture into your Florida home’s crawl space. It’s dank, dark and chilly down there, and most homeowners believe it’s simply an unoccupied space that doesn’t affect

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A/C Filters 101: What Homeowners Need To Know

Floridians use air conditioners for home comfort year round. That makes knowledge of A/C filters vital for optimum efficiency, equipment operation and indoor air quality. Here’s what all Florida homeowners

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