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Need to Replace Thermostat Batteries? Here Are a Few Pointers

While many people give their heating and cooling equipment all the credit for providing a comfortable home environment, they should really be thanking their thermostat. As the brains behind the

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Summer Vacation Plans Put Home Prep on Your To-Do List

Are you ready to take a respite from your Palm Beach County home? Before you leave on summer vacation, you’ll want to set up a plan to protect your home,

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Programmable Thermostats Can Be a Valuable Tool for Your Home

Do you own a home or property in Martin, Palm Beach or Indian River County? Would you like to save money on the energy you use to cool your home? Programmable thermostats

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Winter Vacation Plans? These Tips Will Keep Your House Safe

The cool weather and holiday travel season are upon us again. If you have winter travel or vacation plans that will take you and your family away from South Florida

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Energy-Saving Tips to Give You a Greener Holiday

Going green by reducing your home’s energy consumption not only helps the environment; it can save you a considerable amount of money over the holidays. Here are some energy-saving tips

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A Programmable Thermostat Is Only as Good as Its Programming

For most homeowners it’s an article of faith that programmable thermostats can save a great deal of energy and money. However, many homeowners find they are not experiencing the savings

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Get a Bunch of HVAC System Installation Quotes, Then Choose Carefully

Selecting a company for HVAC system installation can be difficult. Here are some suggestions to help you navigate the process. Not all cooling and heating systems are the same. What

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