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AC Refrigerants Are Not All the Same. Which Should You Use?

AC refrigerants

The refrigerant within your air conditioning coils is the chemical that cools and dehumidifies your indoor air. R-22 was the standard refrigerant for decades. However, in 2015, R-410A became the

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Going Ductless: 3 Things You Should Know

Having a ductless air conditioning system may seem like a strange way to regulate indoor temperatures, but for many homeowners, it’s the perfect solution. These are highly efficient heat pumps

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The Ins and Outs of Air Conditioning Systems

Have you ever wondered how air conditioning systems work? It’s a fairly simple process. Heat is moved from one place and dispersed into another place. The main ingredient needed to

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Home Air Conditioning Basics: It Keeps You Cool, But Do You Know How?

Air conditioners are among the most common household HVAC devices. Most people are familiar with them, but the way they function can still be a mystery to some. Here is

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