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8 Places to Focus When Sealing Air Leaks in Your Treasure Coast Home

A big part of energy waste in your Treasure Coast home can be attributed to air leakage, which is why sealing air leaks is vital to your home’s energy efficiency.

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Your Overworked Air Conditioner: It Could Use a Helping Hand

The South Florida cooling season is long and hot, and the constant operation of your air conditioner can take a toll on your system. You can help your overworked air conditioner

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Optimal Indoor Air Quality: 3 Key Factors

Optimal indoor air quality (IAQ) is a big concern for homeowners here in Florida. Without proper attention to source control, ventilation and air cleaning, your household air quality can quickly

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Year-Round Energy Efficiency with These 10 Tips

,Just because the seasons change doesn’t mean that your home has to sacrifice its energy efficiency. By following these 10 simple tips you will ensure that you minimize your energy

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Single-Stage Vs. Multi-Stage Air Handlers

For enhanced home comfort, multi-stage air handlers are the most attractive features to look for in A/C and heat pump systems, especially for South Florida homeowners who must endure high

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Ventilating Fan Basics

The air in our homes is continually being refreshed via a complex system of ducts, vents and ventilating fans. These systems keep our indoor air from becoming stale, polluted and

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Federal Tax Credits For High-Efficiency Systems: They’re Back And Even Retroactive

As a result of the so-called Fiscal Cliff legislation on New Year’s Day, federal tax credits for a wide range of energy-efficient HVAC equipment that expired at the end of

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Relax — Your NATE Certified Technician’s On The Job

It’s good idea to know a thing or two about whomever you allow into your home to work on your cooling and heating equipment. If your contractor hires NATE certified

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Standby Power: The Silent Drain On Your Energy Budget

You might think you’re doing everything necessary to lower your energy bills this summer. You keep the sun out, run heat-generating appliances only in the evening, turn off lights when

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The DIY Energy Audit: A Saturday Project That Can Yield Long-Term Savings

One of the best ways to combat high energy bills is to conduct a do-it-yourself energy audit. This easy, weekend project allows you to identify potential energy drains, drafts and

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