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Before the Season Ends Weatherize Your Home Now!

Home weatherization is important to people all across the country, not just residents of Northern states. People living in Martin County, Palm Beach County and Indian River County can reduce their

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Make Sure That High Energy Bills Don’t Keep You Down This Summer

There’s just something about summer that feels more free, more fun. Don’t let high energy bills stifle that feeling. Follow these simple tips to conserve energy usage while keeping your

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Slash the Heating Bill in Your Fort Pierce, Fla. Area Home This Winter

Here in South Florida, we don’t have to think about heating costs quite as much as our friends up north. In fact, we hardly think about them at all. However,

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Tight Ductwork Is a Must for Energy Savings

No how many windows you have replaced, how many tubes of caulking you have used, and how much weatherstripping you have applied, you may be wasting energy without realizing it’s

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8 Places to Focus When Sealing Air Leaks in Your Treasure Coast Home

A big part of energy waste in your Treasure Coast home can be attributed to air leakage, which is why sealing air leaks is vital to your home’s energy efficiency.

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Weatherstripping: An Easy DIY Task That Keeps Conditioned Air in Your Florida Home

Checking the integrity of your Florida home’s outer envelope is a simple task that you can perform throughout the year. In fact, conducting periodic inspections of windows, door frames, and

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