Signs That Your Heater Is (or Isn’t) Energy Efficient

Ensuring your heater is energy efficient helps you stay more comfortable on the cooler days of Martin County’s winters — and saves you money too. Read More »

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What HVAC Tax Credit Can You Get When Filing This Year?

Staying comfortable in South Florida can get expensive, but an HVAC tax credit for your new, energy-efficient home upgrade will help keep more money in your pocket. Read More »

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How to Prevent HVAC Mold at Home Before It Even Starts

In the warm, humid climate of South Florida, HVAC mold is a real threat, but it’s also easy to avoid with proper routine maintenance. Read More »

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Know the Ways That Allergens and Age Are Connected

People can experience allergies at any age, but the ways in which this condition affects the body can vary with age. While many studies focus on allergies in children, not as much is known about allergies in adults — especially older adults. Here’s what scientists understand so far about allergens and age. Read More »

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Learn What Can Go Wrong While Taking On a DIY HVAC Project

Though Americans have a proud do-it-yourself tradition in a variety of endeavors, are DIY HVAC projects a good idea? Actually, a better idea is to stop and think seriously before you attempt HVAC repairs, upgrades, and maintenance yourself. Today’s furnaces, air conditioners, and associated HVAC components incorporate advanced technology to ensure maximum heating and cooling efficiency, as well as safe operation. Today’s professional HVAC technicians have in-depth training, manufacturer certifications, and real-world experience. While many people rightfully consider themselves “handy” around the house and think they could handle DIY HVAC projects, the fact is, the average homeowner just isn’t a good replacement for a trained HVAC professional. Read More »

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What’s the Most Environmentally Friendly Ductwork Available?

Advancements in technology have led to more eco-friendly HVAC components, such as refrigerants. One of the latest green trends in HVAC technology is environmentally friendly ductwork. Choosing green ductwork for your home can help you improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and use less energy. Read More »

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Do You Know What Unhealthy Heat Can Do During the Winter?

As the chillier winter months progress, some people are tempted to increase the temperature indoors to the point where it becomes unhealthy heat. Experts in health and housing disciplines recommend that the indoor temperature be no more than 72 degrees to maintain optimal conditions for you and your home. It’s fine to raise the temperature above 72 degrees for a short time, but as a season-long practice, it could be harmful because: Read More »

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How to Tell When You Need Common Winter HVAC Service

Scheduling your furnace’s annual maintenance helps ensure it runs properly and heats your home efficiently all winter. However, sometimes your system can still experience problems and require service in the middle of the season. How can you tell if something’s wrong? Here are a few common winter HVAC service signs to look for. Read More »

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Know These HVAC Tests to Help Maintain Your System

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in your Treasure Coast home keep you comfortable year-round. However, have you ever wondered how your furnace works or what is involved in an HVAC test and service call? Knowing the basics of what your certified HVAC technician does can help you maintain your furnace for better efficiency, greater comfort, and to help reduce repairs. Read More »

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Can Cold Weather Be a Real Cause of HVAC Condensation?

Winter is approaching and the air is getting colder. However, in Florida, the humidity is still pretty high. This can lead to HVAC condensation problems. Here’s how to know if you have an issue and what to do about it. Read More »

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