Should You Get an Air Quality Test Done on Your Home?

Air Quality TestChances are that with the warm temperatures of summer holding sway in Florida, you’ve been shut up tight in your home in the air conditioning. But while you may be comfortable temperature wise, what about your breathing? Studies have shown that the indoor air quality of most residential homes is much worse than that outside. Airborne pollutants could be building up in your home. Read More »

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Can AC and Window Units Work Well Together in Your Home?

You have a number of options when it comes to keeping your home cool throughout the Florida summer. Two of the most popular are central AC and window units. Which one is best for your home? Can AC and window units work together? Here’s what you need to know. Read More »

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What AC Noises Could Mean Big Trouble for Your Unit?

You’ve probably gotten used to the soft humming noise your indoor and outdoor air-conditioning equipment makes when running normally. Other strange sounds may get you worrying about having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs. However, while some sounds are a definite sign of a problem within your system, others, like clicking, can be either harmless or a cause for concern depending on when you hear them. Here’s a closer look at the AC noises that could signal trouble. Read More »

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How Outside Temperature Affects Inside Cooling Ability

cooling abilityThe cooling ability of your air-conditioning system is affected by a number of factors, but certainly, the outside temperature is the primary determinant. In typical summer weather, a central AC will run between 12 and 16 hours per day. As the thermometer climbs into the more severe range, however, the unit may run more than 20 hours a day just to keep the house comfortable. Along with more hours of AC, monthly electricity costs increase, as does wear and tear on air-conditioner components. Read More »

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Learn Tips That Will Help You With AC Troubleshooting

When your air conditioning starts acting up during the summer, it’s important to find out what’s wrong as quickly as you can. The sooner you determine the cause of your AC problem, the sooner you can have it fixed. The following AC troubleshooting tips can help you figure out why your HVAC system isn’t working right. Read More »

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Which Duct Material Should You Have Installed in Your Home?

duct materialYour ducts are an essential HVAC component, providing the pathways through which cooled or heated air passes to get to the different spaces in your South Florida home. Flexible, rigid, and metal are the main categories of duct material. Each has its own pros and cons, so it’s essential to learn about the different ductwork materials to decide which one serves your needs best. Read More »

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Which AC Parts Are Most Likely to Break Down During Summer?

AC PartsIn Florida, we use our air conditioners most of the year, so we can’t afford to let them fail. When you call your HVAC maintenance company for your annual service inspection, you should have confidence that your tech will thoroughly inspect your AC parts and replace those that show signs of wear. Read More »

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What Exactly Is AFUE and How Does It Affect Your Cooling?

AFUEHow do you measure the efficiency of your HVAC system? Different types of units use different metrics. Your AC uses the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and your furnace uses Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Here’s how it affects you. Read More »

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How to Get AC Savings Through a New Unit in Your Home

AC SavingsThere’s more than one way to realize AC savings if you’re in the market for a new air-conditioning system for your home. Purchasing a new AC is a significant buying decision—one that most people probably have to make only a few times in life. For that reason, many homeowners aren’t familiar with the options that may provide meaningful AC savings nor where to look for these deals. Here are some of the potential options that may be available to score a lower price or rebate on these major purchases to start you on your way to achieving AC savings. Read More »

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What AC Brands Are Best to Have as Summer Approaches?

AC brandsAC brands vary when it comes to reliability results from independent testing and consumer satisfaction. The array of brands available can make it difficult for you to choose the best one for your needs. Let’s help you out by listing the best AC brands currently available. Read More »

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